Hello lovelies! Guess what, you’re a wonderful parent. Honestly, a rock star! Not convinced? That’s more than normal so don’t worry, but trust me, God created you to be your child’s parent for a reason. You are that reason. When our … Continue reading

5 Tips to be a BETTER {and happier} Stay at Home Mom

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Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

Hello lovelies!

How amazing is this God we serve, that we get to be loved so deeply, that we get to be protected so well. Yesterday I posted on our big move, which I understand to some might not be big, and how nervous I was. Insomnia got the best of me and so I turned to worship to settle down and wow, He is so good to me.

Peter had faith enough to walk out on the water and follow Christ without knowing his next step. And so will I.

Today I want to encourage you lovelies to put your faith before your feet, to trust God’s plan, and to take a listen to this song.

Thank you lovelies! Jesus loves you!

Proverbs 21:31

This verse is such a great one to write on our hearts, especially in times like these where it is uncertain how our future is going to unfold. With the country being run poorly, the economy in bad shape and … Continue reading