Well hello there, lovely! I’m Ashley, thegreeneyedbride.

On this blog, I hope you will find encouragement. Plus some amazing recipes, fun and helpful DIY’s and some homesteading/prepper tips, too!
AND – we just built a home on the side of a mountain! Follow along as I figure out how to decorate it on a budget.

If you are married, a mom, a lover of all things natural, a homemaker, a believer in Christ; if you ever find yourself searching for a good recipe, (check out our paleo food blog! here) struggling to put two or more kids to bed alone while your husband is on shift or if you are in need of some rustic-chic decor ideas… you have found the right place!

I am living in adoration of my God, married to a wonderful fireman who is my high school sweetheart, and a mother of two. Thegreeneyedgroom and I are learning how to homestead and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, and we will share all of the tips and tricks we learn along the way.

This blog was grown out of a dark place of postpartum depression and has flourished into a place of encouragement and community, proving even more how God uses the hard times to bless others.

Yes, I am still learning how to do this while blogging bit, but I am going off of the ‘if you build it – they will come,’ attitude. So, hit the follow button and let’s be friends!

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