30 Piece Girl’s Capsule Wardrobe – Makes 65+ Outfits!!


Just like the title promises, I am about to share with you the 65+ outfits that our blueeyedbabygirl will be sporting this year in her Pre-K classes. Before we moved to the mountains, our blueeyebabies went to a small private Christian school, so uniforms were all we had to worry about buying. Now that we are giving public school a try, it is a whole new ball game.


Today I went through her closet, picking what can be kept for summer play clothes and what can be added to her new Fall/Winter wardrobe. We ended up with a garbage bag and a half for her little cousin in hand-me-downs, and what was left were your basics. Jeans, leggings, and a few tees.

Yesterday we made a Target run, which is no small feat mind you. We currently life an hour and twenty minutes from Target. I am hoping to learn how to sew some dresses for her before next spring but this season I had to resort to buying new and it turned out quite alright.

Before we went shopping …

I went through and looked for a common theme of colors and textures that she seemed to enjoy wearing. This is what I did when I made my capsule wardrobe and not-surprisingly, all of our colors are pretty much the same. Our blueeyedbabygirl and I both have extremely fair skin and light blonde hair, so the clothes we wear tend to be very soft … blushes, navy, mustard, olive, and maroon. With a little neon pink thrown in now and again, of course.

Plus, if she feels calm and comfortable in her clothing … no scratchy materials or tags … then she is much more well behaved and will be able to concentrate better in class.


For just under $100, I was able to get her the new Fall/Winter wardrobe necessities she needed, including a pair of boots and a great raincoat. Super proud, I can’t lie. I am LOVING Osh Kosh’s new line. That mountain dress is her favorite; she is so my kid.

Why a capsule wardrobe?

Well, one thing is that we are going TINY and it will be so much easier knowing that all of her clothing will not only fit in a small RV, but that it will all match. We don’t have our next home on wheels narrowed down to a specific model yet, so we don’t know if we will have a washer and dryer with us at all times. Knowing that she has tons of options makes me sleep better at night knowing that mornings will be slightly less chaotic.

Also, it helps her be more independent. If she can go in and pick what she feels like wearing that day, without me hovering, then we are winning at this whole ‘being five’ thing.

Here goes … This will be a photo heavy post but I promise it’ll be worth it!


Ta-da! Her wardrobe. Nothing too fancy and trust me, you CAN do this! 30 pieces, plus a pair of boots and two hair bows. She has more bows, but I wanted to show that you don’t need much to make this happen.

1 Raincoat

1 Pair of Boots

2 Hair Bows

3 Leggings

3 Jeans

4 Skirts

1 Romper

2 Dresses

2 Cardigains

1 Flannel

1 Blouse

2 Pull-Over Sweaters

10 T-Shirts

… that’s it! And I got all of these out of it.


This skirt came with the little mushroom and acorn blouse, and she loves it. I also got her these boots, this cashmere sweater, and these tees from Target. The bow she already had.

ps – no clue why my carpet looks five different colors, how annoying. haha.

This little romper set came from Target, as did the white tee. Her olive raincoat is from Wal Mart, it was for sale online in the boy’s section for $11.00. Her and the blueeyedbabyboy got matching coats. Easy peasy.

These olive jeggings/jeans were $7.00 at Target and worth every penny! They will go well with all of her new tees, her blouse, and sweater; and also with her pink cardigan and her pullover with the maroon heart.

She adores this dress because it has blush pink bunnies and little tents all over it. It was $16.99, I believe. It is flowy and comfortable with a chiffon type material. When it gets colder here, we will add her navy leggings underneath.

You gotta love the basic blue jeans! Speaking of … basic tees are my next favorite capsule wardrobe staple.

Below are five tops that match with her two existing pairs of jeans and her new olive jeggings, making a total of 15 unique outfits!!!

This mountain dress is so precious, she loves it. It is a heavier cotton and will be great for winter with her navy leggings underneath.

This little teal skirt was part of her spring wardrobe and we got it at Fred Meyer during a huge sale for less that $3.00! Huge score. We love shopping Fred Meyer during a sale.

Basic black leggings for the win! They are so versatile alone or under dresses for added warmth. We love the thicker ones that are almost jeggings, especially if they have reinforced knees.

Old Target skirt making up three different outfits! I love that it matches with the navy leggings so she can still wear it in the fall.

This great Fred Meyer skirt was also under $3.00 last spring and I just love it with her mustard yellow tee.   … also, what is up with the lighting and my carpet? haha.

Cat & Jack jeans from Target last the longest, for us. And our blueeyedbabies wear them in hard. These were $5.00 on sale last winter.

These little olive leggings go great with her light blush tops and are silky and thick.

And there you have it! 69 outfits for our little blueeyedbabygirl as she begins her newest adventure in life.

Have you considered a capsule wardrobe for your kiddos? Did you implement one recently? I want to hear how it went!! Comment below or message me.

Jesus loves you!



3 thoughts on “30 Piece Girl’s Capsule Wardrobe – Makes 65+ Outfits!!

  1. This takes a lot of effort! You did a fabulous job! I stopped to look because I made a simple Sudoku capsule wardrobe intended for my granddaughter. I sewed every item. In the end she didn’t like much of what I had made, so…I found a sweet little girl who was in need of clothes. It all works out when you work with love in your heart! ❤

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