The BEST Monochromatic Nursery, Ever!


Hello lovelies! Oh my goodness do I have a treat for you today. This is literally THE cutest little boy’s nursery I have ever seen.. yup.. It puts our blueeyedbabyboy’s room to shame, it’s okay, I can admit it.. This room is that cute!

Little ‘Baby K’ just arrived a few days ago to a couple of awesome people I grew up with since I was six. We rode the bus together and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier to see them together. They just fit, seem to be the sweetest parents, and are friggin’ beautiful.. seriously.

Just before he came into the world I asked Nakayla if I could showcase her nursery because. like I said, it’s the best.. and I would just be doing you all lovely folks a disservice if we didn’t share it.

So, without further ado {prepare to swoon}..  here it is!!




Right?! I told you it’s adorable.



Mommy’s insight to her deliciously monochromatic nursery:

I really wanted a monochromatic nursery. I pictured several different black and white patterns with hints of gray. It’s definitely not your typical nursery, but I don’t think he’s going to be your typical boy either.

My inspiration was definitely Pinterest and mommy bloggers on Instagram. I started off wanting an industrial look, which later transformed into the monochromatic look you see in the pictures. This prego momma bought everything, then ended up taking most of it back and incorporating DIY.

The Peter Pan quote hanging above his crib was made by my aunt, Brandi Lee. She also hand painted the alphabet on the wall. My friend, Chelsea Brooks, gifted us the adorable animal pictures displayed on the shelf. I bought the “K” and piping shelves from Hobby Lobby. The sheet and star pillow are from The Land of Nod.

My personal favorite, the bear blanket is from an online shop called Roxy Marj. It was a bit of a splurge, but definitely an inspiring piece to base my design around.

– Nakayla


Why we love this nursery?

This isn’t your typical little boy’s nursery, Nakayla is SO right about that! It is simple and timeless, chic and masculine, and still has the perfect amount of whimsy. Love, love, love that there was so much DIY and love gifted in putting this room together, and I think that is really what makes a nursery cozy. There’s nothing a mommy needs more when she is up at 2am, nursing during those first few week, and exhausted – than to be surrounded by things that remind her how loved she and her family is.

A special THANK YOU! to Nakayla for letting us share her room.

Congratulations on baby #2!

I hope you loved this nursery as much as we do!

Thank you lovelies. Jesus loves you!

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