Some {SHTF} Prepping Motivation


Hello lovelies! I hope you all have wonderful plans for this weekend and that you will be celebrating the birth of our awesome nation! Goodness, don’t you wish it was as awesome as it used to be, how it was in 1776. I’m seriously hoping there are some folks here in America as brave as they were back then.

With the threat of terrorist attacks looming over our heads this weekend, I pray you all are safe and sound. It is a reality now that we are in such a state that things are changing and not necessarily for the best.. And that is why we are being called to be prepared to protect our families.

The motivation I was speaking of in the title is a couple songs that just really remind me how real this future is and how raw and scary it seems, but that we need to do it anyways. We were created as a nation UNDER GOD, not a nation who disowns God at it’s weakest.. and may we pray that as a people, we figure this out before someone else realizes how weak we are becoming. And may we also pray that God saves this nation for the righteous ten.

With that being said, crank up your volume and get excited to be prepared and protecting your family.

They say “s#!t” a few times in the first one. Still.. worth listening to.

Thank you lovelies. Jesus loves you.

Happy Birthday America!

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