Quick and Easy PALEO LUNCH Ideas


Hello lovelies! You know those days when you are so hungry you just want to eat whatever yummy, carb-filled crud you have in the house? Oh man, I do..

Today I have some encouragement and ideas to help you put together some easy {paleo} lunches – especially quick for work or school. Here’s my biggest tip – LEFTOVERS!!!

Yup. I know some of your noses might turn up at that word but I promise it’ll be delicious!

The first meal that is easy to put together is done using leftover pork. I buy one of those pork roasts and toss it in the crock pot, you could even do two at a time! After we have dinner there is always plenty left {there are four of us} and I use it for lunches or the next nights dinner in enchilada casserole or something else just as yummy.


For this lunch I put it over some leftover brown rice and added cilantro, green onions, and lime! {salt and pepper to taste} and it was AMAZING! And what’s even better is how easy it was.


My encouragement for using leftovers is this – cook foods you’ll actually enjoy eating two days in a row. Also, try keeping the sauces off until it’s on your plate, that way you are able to switch up the flavors; for example we did bbq pork for dinner and I did this Mexican pork dish for lunch. And finally, having some brown rice on hand for lunches will ALWAYS pay off, it’s a great substitute for noodles and bread. I even put my sloppy-joe meat over rice instead of on a bun!

Next is the simplest meal I know.. and one of the tastiest!


I take a can of tuna in water and add some lemon juice, {salt and pepper to taste}, then I add my pico de gallo that I usually always have on hand, {recipe here}, and some chopped cabbage. AND THAT’S IT!

We love cabbage because it doesn’t get soggy like lettuce does, especially in Mexican dishes full of lime juice. Just try it!

You don’t like tuna? That’s ok!! Use chicken {canned or cooked the night before}.

You only eat vegan? That’s ok too!! Just don’t add meat, silly.{just make sure you don’t add any soy-fu, that crud is poison}


Seriously.. how great does that look!?!!

My encouragement for using tuna and simple things like that is to buy as healthy as you can, and always in water. Also, be creative! If you like salsa, roasted veggies, or chopped fresh veggies and fruit; put some in a Tupperware to bring to work the night before. It’s planning and preparing that go a long way when eating healthy in a hurry. Not only that, even if you’re a stay at home mom like me, it helps SOOOO much to have a quick meal when my kids are devouring sandwhiches and macaroni..

theblueeyedbabyboy wanted to take a picture of his lunch too.. Ah yes, even I have those days where they just eat mac & cheese and grapes for lunch.


Do you lovelies have any quick, go to lunches that you love?

Thank you lovelies. Jesus loves you!

One thought on “Quick and Easy PALEO LUNCH Ideas

  1. I love a recipe with the colors of nature! As much as I love trying new recipes and different foods, our little one LOVES mac and cheese and I have no shame in that 😉 I just think that I was the same way at her age and eventually she will branch out and be more like me.

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