Today’s PALEO Finds: Ketchup AND Mustard


Hello Lovelies! I hope you are well on this wonderful, hot Monday evening. Honestly though, I cannot complain because we are expecting 110s this weekend. I am drinking bubbly wine, watching a certain home show starring certain twin brothers, and just got off the phone with one of my best friends. Life is good.

Another great thing about today.. I have committed to get more antihistamines in my diet! And getting back to some stricter Paleo. {yes, I am aware that wine is not paleo..}  My biggest weakness that is holding me back from being one of those hardcore, die-hard Paleo folks.. is DAIRY. I know it, I’m embarrassed. But seriously, it’s yogurt and cream cheese.. I blame them. Oh, and butter.. I LOVE butter.

As a family, we only eat whole foods when it comes to dairy, no antibiotics and no icky crud.. But really, there are so many healthier options that I really have no excuse to be still consuming dairy. Plus, I am so excited to have better looking skin!

One thing that I have been on the hunt for is a Paleo, ready to buy, mustard and ketchup. I could make them, and plan to make the mayo, but you know when you’re sitting by the fire and you’re camping, you have a huge brat on your plate that is smothered in cream cheese grilled onions.. and all you want is some mustard?! No? Well trust me it is so pathetic to admit but I get pretty jealous that everyone else in my house gets mustard on their brats..

But I found one!! No more reason to be jealous over a condiment..



I found ketchup also! Plus, they were only $2.98 each.


And.. I found new yummy lunch meat!! Naturals by Oscar Meyer. It was a little more than what I would like to spend, but it’s what I would spend if I went to the deli, which is what we normally do. Because we DO NOT eat fillers.. YUCK!

It’s seriously delicious. I can’t wait to have a lettuce wrap with my cream cheese new yummy mustard! {it’s the little things}

OOHHH… I almost forgot. TAZO now makes an Organic Chai liquid to add to your yummy cows milk almond milk.. And it’s soo full of good-for-yous.. it was only $2.98 also! {yes I was at Wally World, I know.. I know..}

I really want to encourage you guys to keep your eyes out for better choices. It’s so simple to make the small changes that make the huge impact in the long run, if you just commit to working at it. Next time your mustard runs out, buy the one without the canola oil in it! Out of cereal? Grab the gluten free granola and some almond milk instead..

At church our pastor says, if you want to serve God, do the next right thing. Even when it comes to fueling your body. what am I saying, ESPECIALLY when it comes to fueling your body. Making good choices is so important and we really do serve God with these bodies while we have them.. we should take good care of them, don’t you think?

What great Paleo finds have you been able to score at the grocery store lately?

Thank you lovelies. Jesus loves you!

Also.. I do not get paid by Annie’s, Oscar Meyer or Tazo.. if they would like to start paying me however, instead of money I will take food.. just kidding, kinda.

6 thoughts on “Today’s PALEO Finds: Ketchup AND Mustard

  1. I didn’t realize Annie’s made condiments! I’ve had their mac and cheese, it’s pretty good. =) I don’t eat a Paleo diet, but I’m slowly working on eating more clean. I’ll need to check these out!

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