The ONLY pico de gallo Recipe You WIll EVER Need !!


Hello lovelies! It’s officially Summer in the valley, I hope you all are having great weather also. A few days ago we celebrated thegreeneyedgroom’s birthday at the fire house and the guys were saying that we matched our town’s record for heat at 105! Yes, m’am, 105.. it was the hottest day we have had so far, and it is only the beginning of June. This is our first Spring into Summer season here as a family, so I have not really known what to expect. The one thing that has caught me off guard the most is the wind! We have had some serious storms lately, {and it’s still take-your-breath-away hot} especially at night.

Last night theblueeyedbabyboy woke up to the wind beating against the side of our townhouse and it was so scary to him, understandably so, that he was screaming as he awoke. Tonight the wind is whirling just the same, and so I reminded him while we made dinner that while the wind does sound scary, it’s moving because God has asked it to. And that the wind is like God, that even though you cannot see it, you can witness how it moves the things it touches. The way the wind moves through the branches on the birch tree outside is how God moves in our hearts and in the blessings we receive and are able to give. The wind is also not afraid to be loud and howl a little as it gets things done..

I’ve decided that I want to be more like the wind.

My desire for this new season in my life is to allow God to move through me, unafraid and unashamed as the wind whips past the trees, through the sage-grass, and over the hills. I want others to be able to witness God leaving a trail of the path I take; that behind me and beside me you can only see the blessings God has given us the ability to share. And mostly, I want to be less afraid to be loud and howl a little in praise of how God is using me for His glory.

If you do know me personally, you know that I am not afraid to ruffle some feathers while combatting the enemy in other people’s words. But what really struck me as theblueeyedbabyboy and I were talking is, do I share the victory’s we experience in Christ as much as I defend myself to persecution?? The answer is no. And it is not that I am unaware of them or ashamed of them, obviously, but that I am shy. Sharing about our little world is a difficult task, however, it is one I have chosen to take on.

You might be the only Christian willing to share, be loving, and kind that a person might meet! Definitely don’t want to screw it up! Am I right?! Time to start thinking like disciples and share the good word and how God is moving in your life, no matter the cost, personal or otherwise.

And this is my encouragement for you today, to not be afraid to be like the wind.

Make big moves, make big changes to the world around you, and make noise!


And now, as promised, pico de gallo! It’s literally the ONLY recipe you will ever need, and you can make it exactly to fit your taste-buds.




1 sweet onion chopped

2-3 tomatoes

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

1 lime, juiced {more if you like!}

1 tbsp. sea salt {again, more if you like}

and optional..

1 seeded and chopped jalapeno


.. we don’t normally use the jalapeno because thegreeneyedgroom can’t handle the hot stuff we like it better without ..

Tonight we had this yummy salsa with our grass-fed burger “salad” {sans bun} and some grilled pineapple! It was a wonderful way to welcome the new season in our new hometown with fresh, local ingredients.




If you try it, let us know what you think!?

Thank you lovelies, Jesus loves you!

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