Our Extremely Unwelcome Visitor


Hello lovelies!

Last night was my first alone since it happened and I have to admit, I am pretty proud of my self. There were no mental breakdowns, no tears, and no more than four to five hours of sleep missed.. and I am fairly certain that deserves an A+, at least for effort because oh man was it difficult.

You see, last Friday someone tried to break into our home.

It all started when I was heading up stairs to get ready for bed. theblueeyedbabies were sound asleep and the dishes were done; it was time to get ready for my husband to come home. See, as a firewife of a man who works 48’s, you tend to have some catching up to do once that second day hits.. dirty hair, prickly legs.. I know all you firewives know what I mean..

Right, back on track here.. once I got to the top of the stairs I remembered my pistol was still downstairs on the top of the hall tree, so down I went to grab it and as I passed by the front door of our home I thought to my self, “It is not IF someone will break in, it’s WHEN.”

{amazing how the Holy Spirit prompts us, but wait, it gets even better..}

As I was getting in the shower I felt the need to have my pistol close to me and the door to the hallway where theblueeyedbabies sleep open; and so on the counter it went and I showered, shaved my pokey little legs, and got my lotion on that helps make my purple Irish skin a little less so..

{full disclosure, neither of theblueeyedbabies are able to leave their rooms without thegreeneyedgroom or I, so I was not worried they would get to it.}

After getting dressed in an old, loose tank top and bottoms I thought about how embarrassing it would be if someone did break in tonight and the cops saw me like this {it really was} and my thoughts were caught short by noises in the alley behind our house. My rookie mistake here was that I peeked outside to find out what the ruckus was before turning out my lamp.

That was when our eyes locked.

It was dark, almost midnight, so I was not able to tell too much about her except that she had crazy, messy hair and seemed to be talking to someone. At that moment I was overcome by a sense of dread, or doom, and just the thought that, “she was coming to get me.” I then prayed for God’s protection and fell asleep.

It was three-thirty in the morning when I woke to the noise, one I will be haunted by for quite a while, of someone trying to break down our front door. It was a nightmare, it did not feel like real life, and it was the most frightened I have ever been in my life. I had my eye-glasses on, pistol in my hand, extra magazine next to me, and dispatch on the line before the would-be intruder could try to break the door down a second time. I could hear the person growling outside our front door and what sounded like a cupboard slamming, and then it stopped.

Our awesome police were there, K9 unit in tow, within a few minutes. I could hear the men talking outside my front door and told dispatch I was not sure who was now at my door and how many there were, she then reassured me that the police just finished their outdoor search and it was alright to go to the door now. Putting down my gun, leaving my children, and opening the front door took all but twenty seconds however, they were some of the most gut-wrenching of my life.

As I opened the door, relief flooded over me, and then embarrassment.. as they informed me that all of our doors were intact and the “cupboard” sound I heard was most likely our doorjamb breaking, I realized I was in my underwear and these were guys who worked at the city with my husband. However, the thought was quickly lost. Funny how modesty tends to go out the window during tragedy.

theblueeyedbabygirl had woken up to the door being rattled and shook, and had been screaming while I was on the phone with 911. She calmed down but was startled again when the cops went to do a sweep upstairs. I told them she normally loves guys in blue, just not in the middle of the night; and I headed up to get her, and some pants.

In the midst of all this I had called my neighbor, as I heard rustling in her room next to mine, and my fear was that the person was in her home now, however, she ended up calling me back and letting me know they were safe and that she was going to call the manager. {I later learned what I had heard was her daughters who had woke up crying to the sound of the person breaking in.}

The policemen asked me if there had been anything strange happening and I informed them about the woman in the alley and the officer got excited like I was on to something.

“Crazy hair?!” he verified. “That sounds like it matches her description.”

They went on to tell me why they got to our house so quickly.. A woman had just called the police because she had woken up to a woman standing over her, white crazy hair and a white gown. She said that just as quickly as she woke up to her hovering over her, she was gone. They also told me that her roommate had seen someone walk past her bedroom door. So, at this point we are concerned that it was someone who might be older, not mentally stable, and missing from a home or hospital.. “I could not have killed an old lady!” I told the cops, however, they reassured me that I would have done well to protect my family. And you know what? They’re right. I had never been so ready, confident, and prepared to take a life.

{I thanked my husband for teaching me to handle a pistol so well many times over the next day.}

After our neighbor made it over and manager was woken up to come screw my door back together for the night, the cops made their way back to town. Two minutes later, it was chaos.

My neighbor and I were upstairs getting theblueeyedbabyboy who had just woken up to the sound of the screw-gun and some blankets and then we were planning to be off to her house for a sleep over when we heard our manager talking to someone just outside. I threw our neighbor my phone, asked her to call 911, and left her a gun while I went downstairs with the other pistol to protect the door that was no longer locking.. I could see the manager in the coul-de-sac with a woman who had crazy hair and seemed to be completely out of her mind. Her voice, was demonic and frightening, and he kept telling her that he is praying for her and her family. And then, they were gone.

Then the manager’s wife called our neighbor, who was upstairs with the theblueeyedbabies,saying she too was at her door with her pistol and that she could no longer see her husband, either.

Just as soon as the chaos had began again, it was over; the police rigs filled the coul-de-sac and all was alright.

They said she was a woman who was heavily under the influence of drugs, which was why her voice sounded the way it did {so they say} and that she was looking in the area for her cheating husband that was at one of the houses on our block. So when I looked out my window, she must have thought I was hiding him. Her flip-flop matched the footprints on our door, however, there was still a man-sized boot-print that cannot be explained.

The police took her away, we got our front door to lock and went to go “sleep” at the neighbors house, however, no sheep were counted that morning. Apparently not for thegreeneyedgroom either, who was helplessly at work and worried about his little family, violated and frightened by a woman who had given herself over to drugs in a horrible way.

I still hear the sound of the door shaking at night, when I am almost asleep; and I nearly had a moment when theblueeyedbabyboy was shaking the door this afternoon, excited to go swimming.

I am upset with this woman, for taking away my sense of peace here at home. My home was violated by here and she probably does not even remember what she did. And in the same breath, my heart aches for her. And I pray she gets clean. Dramatic as this all might sound, I know in my heart that we will be just fine and eventually we will sleep through the night again.

How do I know this??

God has protected us and the Holy Spirit has prompted me in such ways that I trust that He will continue to do so. Does that mean something will not happen again? Absolutely not. However, I do trust that God has been preparing me and my heart for that night and I trust that whatever God has in our future, He will ready us.

I want to encourage you to seek out that still, small voice in which God uses to touch our hearts, to speak to us. It is then that you are able to be involved in the spiritual world in such a way that the Holy Spirit is able to guide you. And also, trust that God knows your situation and if you ask Him, will help you find the courage to do things you had never fathomed possible.

And lastly, get a gun. Learn how to use it safely, prepare yourself to protect your family, and pray you will never need it.

I want to send a HUGE thank you to my brave neighbor and managers who helped me protect my sweet little blueeyedbabies. And to our WONDERFUL PD, who are up protecting us when the world is dark and frightening.

Thank you lovelies, and if you wouldn’t mind sending up a prayer of comfort for us {and for the other gal who’s home she did get into}, we would appreciate it.

Jesus loves you!

11 thoughts on “Our Extremely Unwelcome Visitor

  1. I cannot imagine going through such a frightening experience especially with your babies sleeping! I’m not sure I would have handled this situation so well! I’m glad your family is safe and sound!

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