A Christian Parenting Perspective on TinkerBell’s Newest Movie – The Ledgend of The Neverbeast


Hello lovelies!

Today I am bringing up a touchy subject, however, I am not sorry. And if you are a parent who is cautious of the things your children watch on the television, then you will not mind either..

One of the most encouraging things I remember hearing when I was growing up and learning how to walk well in my faith was from our youth pastor and his wife, who were more family than anything. It was while my cousin was at Children’s Hospital and we were visiting, and I had a t-shirt on that had a bible verse on it and I mentioned I did not want to take my sweater off because I did not want to offend anyone. {I was 16, give me a break..}

“Offend Away!” they said.

Those words have stuck with me since then and are in every thing I do.

Do you think people who are more of the world than of the word care if they offend you as a Christian with their openly homosexual kisses in front of your children at the mall, their cursing The Lord’s name in vain as they teach your child’s classroom, or when they portray murderers in movies glorifying sin?


So why we as Christians are so concerned about being “nice” to non-believers that we walk on egg shells and do not hold ourselves up to the standards Christ has called us to, is beyond me.

Now, with that being said.. we enjoy TinkerBell as much as the next family {and we really do love Disney}.. however, the last movie in the series has made me second guess bringing the ‘magic’ into our home. As an Irish girl, fairies have always been spoken of growing up, however, we do not actually believe they are real.

My parents were always making sure we knew that the spiritual realm is real, and is not meant to be toyed with. And is with that knowledge that I have made my way through life, acknowledging there is evil in the world and praying that God only reveals to me what I can handle.

When it comes to Disney movies, no one really bats an eye when showing them to children because they are classics and are simply what you too have grown up on. But I ask you this, have you realized that most of the Disney movies have some sort of magic and/or spirits involved?! The newest TinkerBell movie, The Legend of The Neverbeast, is no exception.

There is an animal who is awoken by a comet and seems sweetly misunderstood when Fawn, an animal talent fairy, befriends him. He builds these towers and then a lightening storm comes and threatens the safety of everyone in Pixie Hollow. In the end the beast saves the town, however, he turns into an extremely demonic looking creature in order to do so. And this is the part we as a family had the biggest issue with. The beast grows horns and wings like a demon.

Why did Disney feel it necessary to use such a scary, demonic looking creature for the transformation of the dog looking Neverbeast, Gruff?? Any ideas?

As a Christian parent who showed this movie to her blueeyedbabies without seeing it first, I have to admit, I regret it. theblueeyedbabyboy had horrible dreams that night and had many questions about ‘magic’ that were just too much for him to be worrying about.

Overall, if you do choose to show your children this movie, be prepared to answer some difficult questions and possibly stay up with some nightmares. There were some cute moments you could use to teach your children to not judge books by their covers, however, the cuteness did not outweigh the evil imagery.

Some of you might read this and be upset about monitoring what your children watch or be frustrated at my critical views on Disney, and that is okay. Because at least it is getting you thinking about the things being brought into your home.

I want to encourage you lovelies to be an active parent, not just in caring for your children’s physical well being, but in their mental and spiritual well being as well. This includes what they see on television, what they hear on the radio, and what they are exposed to out in the world.

Are there any other movies out today that you stray from showing your children? What about ones that you do not expose your self to?


I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me.

Psalm 101:3

Thank you lovelies! Jesus loves you!

12 thoughts on “A Christian Parenting Perspective on TinkerBell’s Newest Movie – The Ledgend of The Neverbeast

  1. I couldn’t agree more! My daughter is a huge fan of the Tinkerbell series, but after viewing it with her, I was very concerned with the demonic imagery as well. Now, she isn’t allowed to watch this one; and thankfully doesn’t really seem to remember the one time we did. Even my husband disapproves of this one, and he is usually much more lenient than I. In a perfect world Disney would be allowed to make movies with Christian themes and lessons, instead of giving our children nightmares. Guess we will have to start watching the movies by ourselves first before showing them to the little ones. It’s very sad that we have to screen children’s movies, but I guess that’s the world we live in now.

    • Exactly! Isn’t that so odd that the movies made now That are deemed ‘safe’ for children are actually worse than many adult movies I have seen lately! And thank you for stopping by my little piece of the Internet! God Bless

  2. What are your thoughts on the other tinker bell movies? I’m really feeling the Holy Spirit talking to me about getting rid of magic movies. I’m having trouble with the fairies taking credit for the seasons when it’s God who really has created all of the beauty?

    • Such a good point! You know, I have been feeling Him tug at me with this, too. It’s hard, because I love movies that create wonder and that spark our kids to want to go outside and explore; however, it’s not the fairies that make the seasons. I wish there were more shows showing the wonder of God.

  3. I think it interesting the never beast is hibernating for a thousand years. Satin is released after a thousand years. I think there is a reason the beast looks demonic. The other tinker bell movies have a lot of witchcraft themes as well. But that is par for the course with Disney. I am an trained animator and love cartoons but this stuff is pretty blatant.

    • I agree completely! It is so odd how they sneak these themes in to their movies. One I am having a hard time with is The Incredibles, where the baby turns into a little demon and then lights on fire. WHY? It’s not necessary so … why? Satan is trying to sneak into our homes however he can, for sure.

    • Agree, this cartoon is clearly satanic to mee. In conctrary to Revelations, here the demon is triumphant at the end. But even if you watch the movie with your children, it will only be clear, what is going on, at the very end. Tricky…

  4. Just watched with the kids, and after they expressed their admiration for the movie, my wife said, “I think that was demonic.” I agreed, but it’s more subtle than first glance and I didn’t pick up on it until the very end. Heather caught some of it: You have celestial events that “awaken” or summon a Beast out of the earth. He immediately begins constructing Babel-esque structures that reach to the sky. He is viewed as a destroyer and enemy of all that is good by many, but they are proven to have misunderstood him! – he’s really the hero, and those who didn’t trust him are ashamed and are the true obstacles to peace. Despite being a beast, he was really here to save us, and then sadly is locked away for 1000 years…but let history never forget! – he will return to save us again. Has anyone read the book of Revelation? If there is one point that this movie drives home into the hearts and minds of your little kids and milks out to the very last drop, it’s the endearing “nature” of this savior-Beast. And the regret of having misunderstood his intentions. Everybody cries. Everybody loves the movie. Everyone loves the Beast.

  5. Thank you for your comments and review. So much appreciated!
    My children are watching one of tinkerbells movies and I wanted to review it. I just don’t like fairies (cute or not) and magic. The enemy is subtle and will use whatever open doors he gets. Your review is very helpful and informative.
    Thanks and God bless.

  6. Right on my sister keep going I’ll be praying for you and I’ll be praying for the believers who have no idea what’s going on and just think there’s nothing wrong with this kind of demonic activity I have been a Pastor for many years and I know God loves them and so do I so again thank you for speaking the truth and not caring where the dust may settle

  7. I just finished watching the never beast movie and it reminded me of an apocalypse. Satan wants to normalize demons for children. Make it the norm and they will accept it. I agree with the demonization of the gruff character. Remember if you see it enough it doesn’t bother you. Guard your heart Christians.

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