Avoiding Church {sometimes} and Nourishing Your Child’s Soul



Hello lovelies! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, whether as a mommy or with mommies. Did you make it to church? NO? .. me either. I avoided it.

And I don’t feel bad! Here’s why..

First off, I have to tell you that thegreeneyedgroom and I absolutely LOVE taking our family to church. Ever since the big move to sunnier skies late last Summer we have been beyond blessed with finding a new home church. Is it perfect? no.. but the sermons are totally life changing, EVERY SUNDAY! .. well, every Sunday we go.

See, this thing called flu season, you know that time from late Fall through Winter where everyone is sick but still comes to church because their faith was renewed at the Christmas service? {which is great!! don’t get me wrong.} It just ruins lives. Obviously no, throwing up for five days on end, all four of us, the week after Christmas, every year for the past four years.. is not life ‘ruining.’ However, if I didn’t love Jesus so much it would certainly put a damper on my Christmas spirit.

Naturally, we avoid church quite a bit during flu season, but somehow we still manage to get sick.

This Spring has been a funny thing, really all over the state of Washington, not just here in the sunshine.. but it is flu season again. You’ve got your puking, your 102 degree temperatures, and your influenza that lasts for weeks.. WHY?!?

I honestly have no idea.. so if you do, please share. And so, for the past month, we have been avoiding church. {sounds so awful to say avoiding but.. we are} And it is not that we are avoiding God or awesome sermons or letting our children play with other kids {well, okay, that last one we are..} it’s just simply put, we don’t use JUST Sundays for church.

Do I feel like we are missing out on the community aspect of it all, having fellowship with our friends and worshipping together as a congregation..? You bet!! However, my kids’ health is more important.

Will we get sick anyway? Probably. But maybe not as bad.. and that is worth it to us.

And we did get a cold from friends this week, and not from church, but.. I tried. And really, what else can you do? We do the hand-washing as soon as we get in the door, eating super healthy, keeping a distance from the fire station when lots of patients are sick, and using hand-sanitizer like it’s going out of style.

Some of you are probably shaking your heads and thinking I am crazy for not wanting my kids to catch colds or pukey flus. And I know you can’t protect your kids from every little thing, really, I do.. but our kids are a little special and keeping them from getting sick is well worth it.

theblueeyedbabies have a protein-processing disorder, which one – I have no clue, but they do. And when they are sick and throwing up and starving.. It’s a nightmare. We are getting better at handling low-sugar mornings as they get older and as we get more experience with them; but I still like to help our blueeyedbabies avoid being that miserable if at all possible.

SO.. why should YOU not feel bad about {sometimes} missing {avoiding} church {the flu}.. ??

Because God has called us to raise up our children in His name and in the knowledge of Him.

I love taking opportunities during the day to teach our blueeyedbabies about God. Whether it is a picture of a loved one that has passed, the wind howling through the valley and waking them in the middle of the night, or in the worries about daddy going to work for a few days each week.. if we look closely enough for things that God has His almighty hands on {which is everything}, then we can use them to reach our children’s hearts.

Sunday is a holy day for worship and fellowship, you bet. But you cannot live off of eating food once a week, can you? Neither can your soul. It needs daily nourishment and tending to. And here’s the real kicker..


‘And these words then I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.’

 Deuteronomy 6:6-7

If we are able to take responsibility for ‘doing church’ at home and for teaching our children of God’s love and mercy during the week, when flu season comes around and you just don’t feel like puking that week, you won’t feel so bad.

This is my prayer in this and I want to share it with you and encourage you to not be afraid if they ask you a question you don’t know the answer to or don’t know how to put it so a child would understand {enter, veggietales}. If that does happen, take it and be humble, just say, ‘you know I am not too sure, let’s look for the answer in The Bible together!’

Heavenly Father, I come to you humbly Lord, in this position of a mother where you have placed me and trusted me to raise up these children in your name, and I ask for guidance and strength. Please give me the words to speak to teach my children of your amazing love and mercy, to give them answers their little hearts can understand, and to find you and all the ways your holy hands touch our lives. And may you help me be more aware of your presence God, that I may share it with my family, that they too can see all the wonderful blessings you have given us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thank you lovelies! Jesus loves you! {and your kiddos too! ..go and tell them all about it.}

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