Dream Home Dilemma

Hello lovelies!! I hope today finds you in the beautiful sunshine with a nice dinner on the grill and your wine glass half-full!

This is what we are having for dinner tonight and oh my yum! am I excited. We are going to add jalapenos and have some brown rice on the side, plus a glass of blackberry wine from my love, Torie.. It’s going to be a good night.

Flank Steak {stuffed with spinach, blue cheese & roasted red peppers}


Happy Birthday to my little sister today, she is 25! Which is just incredible. It’s always other peoples’ birthdays that make you realize just how much older you are getting.. Well, here is the dilemma for the week..

Finding a property has been one of the most daunting tasks we have ever taken on {see here}.. now that we have found one we love, we cannot choose a house plan, style or basement option to save our lives. And really, it’s all about budget.

thegreeneyedgroom and I have always wanted to stay out of debt and be mortgage free within a few years, however, we just have no idea how to do so right now on one income. However, God will provide and so we keep plugging along, praying and hoping and wishing.

Here are a few ideas we have, which one would you choose? Have any ideas we could use.. because oh man do I think we have exhausted our ‘lil minds for sure.

Modern and traditional, Plan 888-7. The farmhouse of your dreams! #houseplans


Something like this would be AMAZING because we could use a metal roof and it would look flawless, plus the property we love has a great southern exposure so windows would be key. However, adding a basement might be a bugger..

Craftsman Style House Plan - 3 Beds 3 Baths 2206 Sq/Ft Plan #888-10 Floor Plan - Upper Floor Plan - Houseplans.com


And this one, has a sleeping porch!! That’s just a necessity.. maybe a want. But it doesn’t have the full backyard we would need, maybe for a narrower lot.

Panelized and Prefab Home Kits By Energy Smart Panels (eSIPS): Panelized Farmhouse Floor Plan


But these would be best, I am thinking, so far. thegreeneyedgroom and I have been looking into building ourselves and saving big money by doing so, it’s just the timeline would take a HUGE hit. But in the end, being debt free with a new house, seems pretty worth it.

Encouragement for today, keep dreaming! God gave you those hopes and desires in your heart for a reason. it is so easy to get discouraged, especially with big changes in life and when things don’t go your way {or someone buys that lake-view property the day you’re going to put in an offer..} you just have to keep plugging away. God has big plans for our lives, and He has perfect timing too.. goodness, aren’t we so blessed?! And sometimes it hurts our hearts when He takes things from our grasps, however, we have to trust that something even better in on it’s way.

So.. what would you do? Get a builder, build your self, or get a pre-fab paneled cabin?

Thank you lovelies! {seriously} Jesus loves you!!

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