Hello lovelies!! If you have started the search for your future homestead property, you know that the first thing to understand is {deep breath} unless you have an unlimited budget, there is NO perfect property. But that is okay, really. In my experience so far I have learned that you can add things to property {generally} for less money that an agent is asking for a property with all the bells and whistles already installed.

The ONLY exception to this rule I have found is ‘for sale by owner’ properties; and this is where I suggest you spend most of your time looking.

I know this is a word heavy post, but I promise it’ll be worth the read if you are truly interested in finding a property to build your future on.

1. Where to find properties: is the best for getting information as quickly as you will need it. This website is updated every 15 minutes, however, it only has properties listed on the MLS; which means they are listed by agents. Generally commissions on sales are 3% and you will either need cash or bank financing in order to purchase. Best thing though, I have to say, is that it is wonderful that you can see if the properties are ‘active’ or ‘contingent financing.’ is the easiest website for finding raw properties, period. You just select ‘lots/land’ and see what is listed. I also think that it is nice that you are able to see listings by agents AND owners. And not only that, but when you want to contact an agent, their information is listed; which is especially helpful when you are buying yourself. is a gold mine for raw properties, farms and owner listed homes with acreage. The website and app are easy to use and it really is nice having the option of your purchase being person to person. Another plus with Craigslist is that when owners sell property they sometimes have ‘owner financing available.’ If you are buying your property now and will be building on it later or just a littler here and there, having the option to pay it off without a bank loan over a few years might be a great option for you. And again, if you are interested in working with agents, there are some who list on here as well. The only downsides as far as Craigslist goes, are the scammers. So far, I have not seen any scams while on the property hunt, however, I do know they lurk in the other ‘for sale’ areas.

2. What does your property need?

Honestly, YOU and your family are the only folks able to answer this question. My biggest suggestion is to sit down with your spouse, then again with your babies, and make a few lists.

1. What do you want the property to do for you?

For example, do you want chickens, goats, horses or cows? How much garden space do you need? Do you want a creek or river front either on the property or close by?  Do you want room for dirt bikes and/or a shop? {we do!}

2. Location, Location, Location.

Is there a certain school district you are wanting to live in? What if there is a SHTF situation, is there an area that’s safe and out of town a ways? Do you want to live near family?

Flood and Mudslide zones are a big issue in our neck of the woods, however, it is pretty easy to figure out where your property lies. It is also a good idea to ask your insurance agent for a quote on flood insurance.

3. The home itself, including any outbuildings.

What size of home are you looking to build? Do you want a split level into a hill? What about a barn or shop? Do you want a more passively heated home and need a Southern view?

4. Utilities.

Do you need a well or are you willing and able to hook up to city water? What are the average well depths in the area? How much are you able to spend on power and possibly phone hook-ups?

3. BUDGET !!

How much are you realistically able to spend? How do you plan on paying for your homestead? Conventional bank loan, construction loan, cash, owner financing, or maybe are you going to pay off the land before you build?

These are all of the aspects of finding a homestead site thegreeneyedgroom and I have been taking into consideration while on the hunt. Answering these questions together has helped to significantly narrow down our search material, and by doing so, has helped us to not loose our minds. {Even if only by a hair…}

Honestly though, knowing what you want when looking to make a purchase as large as land and a home is always helpful. It will also help your marriage, I promise, if you are both on the same page when on the hunt.

Also, prayer. Always prayer. God has a big, beautiful plan for your life. And if those plans include a nice chunk of land with a cozy home one it, some animals and a garden to keep you sustained and maybe some little footsteps running down the hallways… then AMEN, me too!! You just have to keep faith that He will provide, perfectly, and in His time.

Today I want to encourage you to ask God for what it is that you are wanting, what it is that you think you might need in order to have your dreamy safe-haven where you can be self-sustained and able to protect your family. Ask Him for guidance during the process and for Him to show you how you could use this process and His provision to bring glory to His name.

What other things are you considering while on the hunt? Do you have any other tips?

Thank you lovelies! Jesus loves you!


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