Proverbs 21:31

Proverbs 21:31

This verse is such a great one to write on our hearts, especially in times like these where it is uncertain how our future is going to unfold.

With the country being run poorly, the economy in bad shape and jobs constantly being sold overseas to those who only wish to wage war against us, there are a lot of things to feel weary about. To plan for. To prep for.

And as we ready ourselves, we must remember that all we can really do it just that.. plan well and be prepared. I know it is easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes I have to take mental breaks from thinking over our plans for the future, just because there is so much uncertainty and seriously, so much to do! And I just take a deep breath, look at my children and smile.. because I know in the end, we will be alright.

For it is only in Christ that we will find deliverance from the evil that is coming. And it is ONLY in Christ, that we will be saved.

No matter how many meals you have set aside, how many guns or extra rolls of toilet paper you have.. it is in Christ alone that we will truly thrive and make it through.

He is our King and our deliverer.

I want to take this moment to encourage your heart to plan for more than you need. To ask God for extras, not in greed but with a pure and honest heart, to bless others with.To pray over your situation and all that you have stored away, and ask God to show your heart how to best utilize the over abundance you will been given.

It is with a full food storage, lots of healing oils and herbs and a faith in Christ that cannot be shaken, that we will find peace in this journey.

“Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.”
based on Proverbs 3:15-17 Rhema {one of my favorite apps!!}

Do you get overwhelmed sometimes with prepping for your families? How are some ways that you cope?

Thank you lovelies! Jesus loves you!

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