Grace Upon Grace


Hello lovelies! Let’s talk about grace upon grace.
Isn’t it odd how we will be kind and give others never ending grace, but when it comes to giving it to ourselves … we hold back? Why do you think that is?
I’ve been praying a lot about it lately and it dawned on me…
If God, the King of Kings, who knows ALL OF ME, can still give me grace – then why can’t I? Am I of any more authority than Him to keep it from myself? No!
Really thinking about this has put a change on my heart as far as what kind of ‘self talk’ I allow in my mind. And I feel like this has done a great deal of good for my postpartum depression. Because why do we feel so blue, besides that darn hormone change?
It’s new. You feel like you are not good enough. And you need sleep. Am I right?
Besides sleeping when your kids do and making sure you’re eating … the best advice I can give you is this: know you are worthy.
Say it here, read it aloud, see how it feels …
“I am worthy.”
The enemy wants to sneak into our hearts and minds, changing who we will be. Do not allow it. Know that this work you are doing, raising babies and surviving sleepless nights… is what God has called YOU to do. This is your path and you are doing God’s work. Be proud of that!
I hope that you can find contentment and peace in your life as you walk through this season of pain, guilt, and restlessness. Know that there will be balance some day, and that you do not walk alone.
Now, I’m not saying leave your house a mess and not try and be content with it. No way. Because what does mess cause? Stress. Right? It’s all about balance.
Personally, I have been focusing on purging the excess in my life to make room for what matters. And I’ll have more on that soon.
This is my prayer for us tired ladies and I want to encourage you to write it down, keep it on your heart, and remember how loved you are.
“Heavenly Father, I need your grace.
Thank you for this life and this path you have given me.
I gladly accept this child to raise and to bring up knowing You.
Please help me give my self grace when I feel like I am not doing this well enough.
Help me to remember that my worth is found in You alone, and not in my ability to keep house at the moment. I need help, God.
Please bring me helpers, people to love on my tired soul when I need encouragement. And may I draw nearer to you in this, Lord.
May I lean on you when I need rest.
In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.”
Thank you!! Jesus loves you!

Community in Christ




Hello lovelies!

It’s official … I’ve decided to no longer let fear control my actions.

I have been given this path to show others that God is still good, and that is exactly what I plan to do.

Isn’t it odd how we all go through tough times and feel lonely and sad, and think we are alone in this? It’s like a bad joke, because we all feel this way sometimes. And if we were able to be more open about the trials and troubles we face, then I absolutely believe they would seem more manageable.

Misery loves company, right?

Not only that, though. Misery desires encouragement and love, support and solid advice. No one wants to feel alone and discontented. Especially us women. We absolutely need community. I have been realizing this so much this week. It is as though God lifted the rose colored glasses I had been choosing to put on every day that were making me comfortable in my solitude. No longer am I able to sit quietly and sulk without feeling guilty. I realized, if I need this community, then I need to create it. And so, the new women’s group was born.

On my Facebook page is the link to our Godly Women for Women group. I will attempt to figure out how to put a link on the side bar on here as well.

This group is what God has asked of me. And even though it is a small slice of His plan in my life, I know it will play a large roll in my healing my heart more than I ever knew possible. And this is my prayer for you, too.

This group is a safe, private place for women {moms or not} who want biblical advice on issues and heartaches, without having to wade through the worldly trolling we see so much online. And I hope you will join us!

Thank you and Jesus loves you!



EDS & God

Hello lovelies!!
Let’s get really deep for a minute.. Chronic Illness – sucks! 

There’s this website called ‘Inspire’ that I am a part of, and it’s a forum for people with chronic illnesses and such, where you can reach out for Hope and find help and advice.. It’s pretty great. 

I just had a conversation with a lovely fellow EDS fighter and she was telling me about her struggle getting disability insurance because people don’t really understand Elher’s Danlos and don’t know how debilitating it is. And I shared with her about what I do and how I get to work from home and make my own schedule and work it around my spoons!! And she said she couldn’t risk working just yet because she might miss out on her disability. I respect that, totally. I get it. Then she said to me that life is always against us with EDS, in so many ways. 

And it got me thinking, is it?!

Because I feel like I have grown incredibly closer to God through all of this and I cannot imagine my life without this body God gave me. He made me JUST as I am for a reason! And maybe that reason is to spread awareness about EDS, or to help others who are unable to work a 9-5 find hope to work from home, like I do? 

I just wanted to take a minute and say this.. You are perfect in Him. This body will fail and make you angry, I guarantee it. But look at all that it’s done for you!! You are a soul, you have a body. 

When I look back at all that my body has done, I’m amazed.
-I have made three babies with this body – after being told I wouldn’t get pregnant. 

-I have really good days and can carry my children around, and that’s a very good feeling!

-I am able to love my husband with this body, to hold his hand and keep our home. 

-I have had many complications and bouts of internal bleeding and.. look at me go! I’m still here. And it’s all for a reason.. I believe that with every ounce of who I am. 

He is the reason. And every thing that this broken body has done, is because of Him.

And all the glory is for Him alone. 

I will continue to be a fighter and I want to encourage you to do the same. He made you, just as you are, on purpose and FOR a purpose. 

Thank you lovelies. Jesus loves you!


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